Bryson Tiller – TRAPSOUL

Listen to T R A P S O U L here.

Full grown 808 car trunk bumping flavour.

The feeling that you encounter when you peek
into the album T R A P S O U L by Bryson Tiller,
which was released on every major music distribution platform,
is probably that it sounds pretty familiar.

The albums narrative is about broken relationships,
getting out of the friendzone to steal a girl from another man
and that finally a black man gets his due paycheck
for refining himself and representing his local.

Within the first week after initial release on 2nd October 2015,
T R A P S O U L has started up on Billboard 200 and advanced
to the British market to be placed 16th on UK RnB album charts.

Although few outside the United States may know
the young jumpstart singer/rapper from Louisville, Kentucky,
the sound he delivers has a similar feel to it like tunes from artists
like Drake and PARTYNEXTDOOR.
Except for the beats.

There is a strong Noah Shebib and Metro Boomin influence on these,
but you can’t really tell who was the originator of these kind of sexy R&B trap beats.

After Drake’s Take Care Album in 2012, English language R&B music in general
experienced a transformation and inspired many young producers
to replicate the signature OVO sound, which Noah Shebib and Boi-1-da are maninly responsible for.

Then Drake signed The Weeknd, who has become a household name
and a worldwide superstar as well.

His first commercial album was “Trilogy”, which was a repackaged version
of the three initial free download mixtapes “Echoes of Silence”,
“House of Balloons”, and “Thursday”.
All three mixtapes introduced The Weeknd sound as a down-tempo,
dark and sustained R&B that very well fit into the lethargic and depressing mood
and zeitgeist of autumn 2012.

A year later, OVO Sound picked up the next underground superstar.
PARTYNEXTDOOR also did a free mixtape promotion campaign to push his initial release
which is named after the artist himself. The sound of this album can be well described
as a mutation of OVO sound with a stonger trap music influence.
Entirely self-produced by the singer in FL Studio,
even his stage name derived from an audio filter preset from that same program.

You may notice that as being an indicator for singer/songwriters
being able to deliver 100% the sound they have in mind without being dependent on 3rd person producers.
This assumption is mainly proven by the vast community of independent producers
on Youtube and Soundcloud, from which many sought to replicate the success of Lex Luger,
maybe the most influencial trap producer who became known for being a dedicated FL Studio user.
But this is not a promotion article for Image-Line so we better stop talking about it.

T R A P S O U L  features about the best of both worlds.

It has strong influences of Future Beats productions, which combines Trap with R&B,
electronic elements and everything that sounds not too far off the board,
as well as a stong similarity to OVO sound.

While the album features mainly four little known producers “O.P.D.”, “Xclusive Jay”,
“XVI” and  Ryan Ransom, over at his Soundcloud,
Tiller works with more famous producers like Soulection artist J-Louis,
Syk Sense, Ayo and even Timbaland.

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