Childish Gambino – 3.15.20

To be completely honest and truthful and to get the most pleasure from this album
in these wicked times, I had to drink like 6 cans of Corona. And in the first few minutes I was fucking confused.
After a full workday in sales, in these difficult times of recession, where nobody gives a fuck about transcendence, just about survival.

And I was confused. As confused as Donald Glover was, when he uploaded this album. Just to take it of the internet for some more time and leaving us all even more confused.

But when it came back and I decided to listen to this record in its fullness, there was he again. In his fullest.
Then I had no difficulty to embrace the abstract greatness, which was given to us by this man once again.

An artwork like this was waited for since “Awaken, My Love!” and “Because of the Internet”.

It feels a lot more than works of the great Kanye Omari West, who leaves us with heavy statements, but without a clear intent.
And whose endeavours develop into populist movements like Yeezy shoes on the feet of professional football players.

This man has proven himself as a cultural, political icon. Everyone who has looked a level deeper into “This Is America” knows this.

But let us get back to the topic at hand. This self named album.


Let me tell you this.
This album is a journey. If you like listening back to back. If you like thinking from time to time:
“What the fuck is this?”

Then this one is for you.

You’re listening to music, melodies. Then you come across something like 32.22.

Its sounds like Gesaffelstein x Michael Jackson x Kanye West. It feels psychedelic.
If this tune, if this idea was more constant. More like “Zealots of Stockholm”.

But it appears to intend a feeling like “Black Skinhead”, but without lyrics. With something that sounds like African chants…
and cows and chickens… just what the fuck.


Then you come across something like 39.28.
“Why go to the party at all?”

It appeals to all those introverts, refused ones, even broken ones.
The tune though. It reminds me of those videos of the legendary Bill Wurtz.



THEN. 42.26.
This is the original. “Feel like Summer.”

Originally released in 2018 and complimented by a short film on Amazon Prime “Guava Island” (If you didn’t watch it yet, do it.)
as well as an iconic, viral music video with almost every US American superstar to date.


But why is it codified in this way? What does 42.26 mean? Pitchfork speculates on it to be a time stamp.
But what? Why? Only Donald Glover probably knows what it means.


Favorite Tracks

  • Algorythm – Super dystophic tune, developing into a jumpy jam. Reminds me of Missy Elliot x Pharrell Williams.
  • 12.38 – I don’t even know what this is. This develops from a 90s RnB Jam into some kind of 2020s Slow Jam with 21 Savage. Completely surreal.
  • 19.10 – This has the rhythmics of Kaytranada, the soundscape of Sebastian Ezra. The vibe only a Donald Glover can have.


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