Masego – Portrait

My unrealized ambition is to tend my vines, produce wine,
and work like an artisan. I dream of rediscovering the old traditions and customs of wine growing, not necessarily to deny the technology which we have today,
but to harness it and work in harmony with nature.

  • Gerard Depardieu

What the passion of creating vine is to one of France’s most acknowledged actors, sample-digging, putting arrangements together and playing the saxophone is to the man, featured in one of the articles ever to go online on this website. To get you into the mood, have a look at this neat production. Elevate yourself:

During my approach of capturing this man’s craft / portfolio / career / whatever, there were endless revisions, because, in the moment I thought

“Hmmm, okay. That’s about it now let’s get something on paper so you can showcase this virtuoso to the rest of the world”

In that very moment I came across another great footage and this procedure went on and on. But don’t be afraid, we’ve tried to provide the best possible impression of him in a nutshell. In a large nutshell. About elephant size nuts.

Probably originated form the south-eastern corner of U.S. state Virginia (due to him giving the number 757 as a clue on SoundCloud) previously going by the name One Man Band, Masego Music aka Micah Davis is currently (as of 2016) lining up among the Dublin-based family of Souletiquette, an artist alliance of beat producers from all over the globe, which is catching heavy momentum on social media lately.

Davis is quite a Swiss army knife, when it comes to the craft of beat production.

Although not much public information is available yet, the image he portrays on Youtube shows a passionate brass and keyboard player adding a broad variety of vintage jazz, soul and hiphop samples to his compositions and creating some kind of super future classic beats type of music. He calls it “TrapHouseJazz”.

As well as a huge amount of dexterity, humor and charm.
For a sample of Masego being just… an awesome himself, watch this:
(now private – after mainstream commercial success)

Been blessed by god with these ears and having eaten all these vibes with a fricken spoon, it’s sad to see he hasn’t actually continued with the “Sample Hunters” series, which to me appears as some one-of-a-kind type thing.

So, Davis, Sir, if you happen to read this article, know that you have the utmost appreciation for your craft around here, growing tendencies.

If you continue to watch the Sample Hunters series until the last episode, there is some kind of evolution in his composition quality. Here, you can observe a mediocre but crazy guy evolving in his craft from month to month.

Leaving a nosedril-monumental impression and leaving you after each video episode asking for more insight into a striving musician’s progress.

(No offense bro, we had a hard time focusing on our work after noticing the entertaining movement of them.)

Of course, there is a broad variety of other video footage apart from the series mentioned in this article. With a vibe so tight, you can slice it into pieces and put onto your teriyaki Subway sandwich. But it has some kind of Caribbean cliché to it, seeing Davis in an animal print shirt and a straw fedora passionately playing the saxophone:
(now private – after mainstream commercial success)

I really can’t decide myself whether I’m disappointed or glad that Davis has stopped talking in favor of expression by playing brass. At a point, you just accept and vibe with it. But in the background you know and continue appreciate the great personality of this entertainer.

Another collective Masego Music is associated with is Film Noir, claiming to be from Jamaica and supporting household composers like Oshi and BNJMN. That opens many collaboration possibilities for him, if you consider the fast rise of a group called brasstracks (which deserves to be mentioned and will be in a separate article). The duo from Brooklyn, NY, has also focused on integrating brass, trumpet in particular, into their projects. Known projects and collaborations include covers and remixes featuring Lido and JNTHN STEIN. Here is their latest project:

There is a visible connection between Masego and brasstracks over some corners despite the difference in popularity, judging from what I can observe from here.
A huge collaboration project featuring both of these acts is definetly probable in my opinion, what do you think?


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