Complexion – Portrait

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am Complexion and welcome to Future Beats Radio…”

Do you want to fly out into space? Do you want to experience no gravity?
Then you have to turn in to London’s finest space beats deejay. As you may know, London is one of the main hubs of Future Beats, Garage and forward-thinking sound producers.

Multiple thousands of people wait for that one voice to pleasure their ears on a busy Wednesday night. A large number of soul-searching folks, listeners, dj’s and producers alike tune into the mix and have two hours of relaxation and a piece of mind-changing talk in between. Many famous future beats faces like Troyboi, Ekali, Haan808 or Sam Gellaitry
(that last name was really some tough piece to remember but due to mind-blowing music definitelyworth) have already spend their time answering to questions asked by the Future Beats Radio staff.

Take a seat, lean back and let these sounds sink into your ears. This is about one of the best-known future beats promotion DJ’s, Soundcloud crate diggers and one of London’s best taste-makers of avant-garde Hip-Hop, Future R&B and a must-know face in the game right now.

It’s dead serious about this guy. So serious that he got his 25 minutes of fame on BBC Radio and did a feature show with Toddla T, a british producer and DJ involved in a rich variety of typical British EDM songs and remixes. In the guest mix, he stated a quite important thing about the platform Soundcloud to which I couldn’t agree more:

“I mean, if it wasnt for Soundcloud, I wouldn’t be doing what I do now. It makes it so easy to speak to people, find new music and the reposting feature is great. So, effectively, a repost by someone can change someones life musically you know, it’s an incredible thing what it can do. We started off with two to three hundred followers and now going to 15 to 20 thousand and they’re touring around the world you know. Its great seeing someone progress. Some start touring down now and in such a short amount of time, if it wasn’t for Soundcloud it wouldn’t be happening.”






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