Idris Miles – Q&A

Yo fam, could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your hometown?

Yo of course! I go by the name of Idris Miles and I’m a 19 year old rapper from London. Erm, it’s cool I guess. I mean I don’t do much other than write music and record from home of go to University! But the nightlife is dope if you know the spots and events!! And of course the open mics are good but that’s really down to the atmosphere of the people!! But home is home either way.

Congratulations on the release of your mixtape.
How long did it take you to complete this?

Thank you, it really means alot! It took me like half a year, which was quite annoying that I couldn’t accomplish more in that time! But I guess that was down to my own procrastination and events at the time that dragged me back! Nevertheless I am proud and the feedback is amazing, I’m crazy grateful!

I went doing some research on video footage about you and your crew, the XXVI.
How long have you been a member of the XXVI?

I have been a part of XXVI for about 3 years now! I joined slightly after the collective was founded, but I’m glad I was brought into the team! Haven’t looked back since!

How did get to know each other?

I knew one of the artists from the collective (Junior Caesar) from way back!  He brought me in on an XXVI session and from there I felt like the family fully clicked! Like all our styles complimented each other crazy.

How did you get to know yourself?
What was your key moment that made you want to pursue a musician life style?

I remember messing around writing grime lyrics at school when I was 11/12 years old! I used to be a MASSIVE grime lover… I guess it was around then as I felt I could string a flow easy and people were feeling it even back then! Plus even before then I was just a music lover in general… The way music can manipulate or amplify someones emotions and thoughts!

If you could work with 3 people in studio, which beatmaker and which singer would you choose?

Oh that’s hard! I have a lot of names in my head haha… I guess I’d have to work with Chance The Rapper, simply because his lyrics and flow are so imaginative. Alongside a singer called Sevdaliza! She’s so dope, like the tone of voice and the way she sings makes me SHIVER! And hmmm, Little Simz because of the meaningful and powerful message she always brings to her verses!. that would be perfect song… Oh and a production by Eestbound or Wondagurl! Boom, perfect song… Can we get that sorted?

Where do you see yourself in three years? Professional Musician?

I really don’t know! It’s still way too early in this journey to determine what will happen! I mean I’d love a buzz where people recognised my music and went out their way to listen to my newest stuff and wait impatiently for new projects!! But I don’t want that claustrophobic fame where I got people in my personal space wherever I go aha!

What other passions do you pursue besides rapping?

I like to socialise you know! Like go out for a drink with people, go to new cool places and just enjoy myself. I used to do judo haha.. But yeah I’m pretty extroverted. I read books aswell? I don’t know haha I definitely need some hobbies now that you’ve brought to my attention!


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