What happens if you take the quality of a triple A r&b singer that sounds like Childish Gambino, a world-class rapper like Kendrick Lamar and some kick-ass futuristic beats with pumping bass together and try to merge them into a single project?

You’re listening to it now. ELHAE is an Atlanta-based artist, delivering a new, clean and saturated vibe that makes your neck hair stand up. A new image, unspoiled by modern sexist imagery of contemporary R&B and more focused on being led by romantic feelings.

A term often mentioned and pictured within the EP is “love”. A feeling of affection directed towards another person, but you can also feel a strong attachment of the artist towards this EP. Also quite amazing that a single person can deliver such a strong and dedicated performance. We’re looking forward to many collaborations with future beats producers like this one:


I can imagine people paying a load of money for this EP, so it surprises me that such a high quality album is a free download. And by free download, I mean really 100% straight-forward free. No strings attached. No like-for-download. No email collecting. Straight love.

We, at the Polyphone Squad, wish all the best to the man ELHAE to continue the grind and to put out lots of fucking amazing tunes.


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