Jack Ü – Diplo & Skrillex

This is maybe the craziest and most innovative modern EDM EP of the last months. What began by a single release in autumn last year with “Take Ü There” featuring Kiesza, has evolved to a full-scale EP by two of the most famous household names of contemporary electronic music. With othermentionable names on board like AlunaGeorge, 2Chainz and the one and only Missy Elliot, Diplo andSkrillex go full rampage on this record. It escalates at every second of every song and is perfect for a big party with red cups.

One might argue, how much Skrillex and how much Diplo is inside this release and whether bonding with Skrillex is just for a promotional purpose. Since Diplo has run his own stuff and the Major Lazerproject, which appears to sound very similar to these pieces because of the bold Diplo signature, if you take a closer look. At times, a lot of Skrillex is shining through as well, in “To Ü” or “Holla Out” for instance. These are the severe lead screamer synth bangers, where there is doubtless dubstepinfluence.

Another good track worth a mention is the bonus edit of “Take Ü There” featuring Missy Elliot on the breakdown. Look, who has decided to come through. Although we have not much of a lyrical sense here and it goes full retard, it is great fun to listen to since it takes us back to the times of “Work It”, where her high pitch voice and crazy lyrics was an elementary part of hip-hop history. We’re looking forward to more strange collaborations between Missy and Jack Ü, but there are plenty of other producers worth a shot in the recent music game. For example, there is the squad ofFilmNoir/NoirSound with Oshi, Krs and King Bnjmn, as well as the twice as large squad of Flow-Fi with Ekali, Aywy and Fortune Beats among others.

The hopes are that the household hip-hop names either make some space for some indie talent or stop playing the cliché game with dusty folks like Timbo, Rick Rubin and Swizz Beats.

Have a nice sunny weekend y’all!



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